Servicing the Newcastle, Port Stephens & Sydney Areas

Our Roof Safety Rail System

Complete Edge Protection's Roof Rail System is designed to reduce the risk of injury due to a fall from a roof or heights.

Our Universal Roof Rail System has been designed and tested to allow attachments to fascia, rafters and beams for the purpose of controlling the risk to workers of falling from roofs and work areas.

The system is designed for residential, commercial and Industrial use and complies with AS/NZ4994.1 (2009) for platforms and roofs with up to a 26 degree pitch.

Providing a 3 meter maximum span between posts and can be installed at a maximum height of 6.4 meters on new or existing dwellings.

Complete Edge Protection Roof Rail System complies with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation including relevant Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Tigertail Electrical Wire Covers

Providing the installation and removal of electrical wire covers to the property ensuring maximum protection for workers.

Complete Edge Protection supply and install Tigertails on power lines that are connected to the home. They do not have the authority to install Tigertails to powerlines outside of the property boundary.

Tigertails are synthetic tubes that wrap over powerlines, they protect tradesmen such as roofers, plumbers, builders etc from any accidental contact with live powerlines.

Tigertails do not provide full protection from live electricity but a visual indication of overhead powerlines.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential properties. Installed by trained professionals in hazard and risk management.

Complete Edge Protection can provide temporary rail protection for roofs with a pitch of up to 27 degrees and a height of up to 6.5 meters. Our installers have been trained and achieved competence in the erection and dismantling process.

The installation, erection or removal of our roof rail system is according to disciplined procedures to control risks and hazard identification, including working at heights, electrical safety and environmental factors.

Industry Trained and Qualified

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who have worked in the roofing industry. We work closely with trades to ensure all safety requirements are fulfilled.

Complete Edge Protection only employee industry trained professionals who have previous experience in the roofing game. We follow the Australian Standard for Roof Edge Protection (AS/NS4994) that requires proprietary roof rail systems be installed by competent employees and maintained to manufactures recommendations.

Roof Safety Procedures & Assessment

Complete Edge Protection will provide a safety plan for all your roofing works ensuring you have fulfilled all Work Cover obligations.

The installation team will supply a Safe Work Method Statement to the client that includes hazard identification and risk management.

Risk management includes the inspection of roof access points, roof height, roof materials and cladding, roof slope, truss rafter length and pitch, rafter and truss spacing. The structural strength of members, including studs, that are to support loads imposed by rail system in the event of an impact.

The provided assessment will cover the use of ladders, personal fall protection and harnesses, operation of elevated work platforms and restrictions due to proximity of power lines and other services.