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Complete Edge Protection Are Your Partner in Roof Safety

With years of experience in the industry we are experts in Australian roof safety standards & obligations. We also understand the expectations of trades and work with them to ensure the safe completion of all types of roofing works.

  • Roof Safety Rail System

    Specialising in roof safety and roof rail installation. Providing a professional service working with clients to ensure a safe work environment.

  • Fascia Protection Clamp System

    The Complete Edge bracket system has been designed to protect the fascia by providing a padded clamp. This ensures that no damage is done to new or existing fascia during the installation or removal process.

  • Tigertail Electrical Wire Covers

    Providing the installation and removal of electrical wire covers (Tigertails) to the property ensuring maximum protection for workers.

  • Risk Management and Hazard Detection

    Our team can provide a site safety assessment including hazard detection and risk management ensuring compliance with all Work Cover obligations.

Tigertail Electrical Wire Covers to the property

Tigertails provide temporary electrical insulation, mechanical protection and visual warning of power lines and conductors.

Complete Edge Protection supply and install Tigertails on power lines that are connected to the home. They do not have the authority to install Tigertails to powerlines outside of the property boundary.

Tigertails are synthetic tubes that wrap over powerlines, they protect tradesmen such as roofers, plumbers, builders etc from any accidental contact with live powerlines.

Tigertails do not provide full protection from live electricity but a visual indication of overhead powerlines.

The Complete Site Safety Procedure

Complete Edge Protection provide a safety checklist which is completed prior to the installation of safety rail on all job sites. This ensures all people who require roof rail are aware of the procedure in the event of an accident or near miss.

1) Risk Assessment

Complete Edge Protection will perform a safety audit prior to the installation of the roof rail to ensure a safe environment for all trades working from the roof.

2) Safe Work Method Statement

S.W.M.S is site specific and must be signed by the site supervisor before installation. Workers who require roof rail must read and comply with all procedures.

3) Toolbox Talk & Emergency Plan

This includes a rescue procedure, emergency contact details and applicable pre-work tasks to ensure an effective emergancy response and rescue.

4) Incident Reporting

In the event of an incident, accident or near miss our incident report form is to be filled out by the site supervisor with the aid of all persons involved.

5) Handover Certificate

This certificate is the final step of the installation process. An inspection is required prior to sign off ensuring rail complies with WHS regulations.

6) Removal & Cleanup

We ensure the safe and prompt removal of the roof rail from site taking care not to damage the existing structure during the dismantling process.

Complete Edge Protection in your Neighbourhood

Our team is ready to provide a onsite inspection and quote with the guarantee all your roof safety requirements will be covered.

With years of experience in the roofing industry our team are ready to provide all your roof safety requirements for your project.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, require additional information or would like to arrange a free onsite quote for your next roofing job.

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